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creativity and fun

Cognitive development and sensory stimulation 

The educators design and guide the playful activities that arouse curiosity in the  children, encouraging their  sensory participation and stimulating the acquisition of new knowledge, with the child being responsible and the protagonist of his own  learning.

Emotional education

Emotional education instructs children in the management of their emotions, providing them with tools so that they learn to recognize the emotions of the people around them, in order to properly relate to their human environment.


Our activities focus on storytelling, interactive work tables, music as language therapy and children's theater.

The objective of these activities is to complete the adaptation and group integration of the child. 


Language management is a fundamental aspect in the development of children, it is a fundamental instrument for the acquisition of new knowledge and learning in the relationship with others. 


Based on this concept, the educators design activities where the children are the protagonists. Each designed activity allows them to participate actively, inviting them to relate through the activity and allowing them to express themselves through verbal language.


Our model is based on the teachings of the Montessori Method.


"Our care of the child should be directed not by the desire to make him learn things but by trying to always keep that light called intelligence on in him."

Maria Montessori

Outdoor games

Our teaching does not only take place in our facilities.


We also give special importance to outdoor activities, through playful and learning excursions, which represent a child's first contact with the social environment.

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